Congressman Larsen wants to hear Obamacare stories

Jan 11, 2017 Issues: Health Care

Komo News: Congressman Larsen wants to hear Obamacare stories 

By Komo Staff 

U.S. Rep. Rick Larsen, D-Wash., said a key to saving the Affordable Care Act will be to hear the stories of those who have benefited from so-called "Obamacare."

Larsen said he will be asking his constituents in the 2nd Congressional District north of Seattle to share their stories with him to help to bolster the case to preserve the Affordable Care Act.

"There are a lot of stories where the Affordable Care Act helped a lot of people in the district," he said in an interview.

You can watch the full interview in the above video.

Larsen has asked people in his district who want to share their stories to go here.