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May 21, 2010

Question 2: Databases

How many unique production databases do you currently support? 
What is the average size of your production database?
What is the largest size of your production databases?
Question 3: Application Scalability
The purpose of the following question is for the CAO to understand how the new architecture will need to scale to meet spikes in usage. Every application has a performance bottleneck that, at a given load, will begin to result in decreased or unacceptable performance. 
Given your current application architecture, where do you believe your current performance bottleneck is? What is your current strategy to manage spikes in usage that could result in reduced performance?
Question 4: VMWare
Are any elements of your technical implementation incompatible with VMware vSphere 4?
Yes      No
If yes, please list those elements that are incompatible.
Question 5: Virtual Configuration
The following question is for capacity planning only and will assist the CAO as it designs the new web architecture. You will be provided additional opportunities to submit a more formal request once the new architecture has been implemented.