Rick Larsen Wins Re-election to Congress

Nov 8, 2016 Issues: 114th Congress Accomplishments, Fighting for Workers, Equality & Opportunity, Jobs and the Economy

Orcas Issues: Rick Larsen Wins Re-election to Congress

Rep. Rick Larsen (WA-02) issued the following statement tonight after winning re-election to represent Washington’s 2nd Congressional District:

“The 2nd Congressional District belongs to the people. I thank the voters for the privilege to represent this great community for the next two years. It is an honor I take very seriously.

“I want to thank all of the volunteers and staff who worked tirelessly to bring this victory to the finish line. Together, we knocked on 15,623 doors and made 15,369 phone calls – and the countless hours you dedicated to this effort made all the difference in this election.

“I have traveled throughout the 2nd District, and I have heard from constituents loud and clear. I listened, and I am prepared to work. I will reach across the aisle to build an economy that creates jobs by investing in infrastructure, make education affordable and accessible, and increase skills and training opportunities that prepare our workforce to compete.

“Working to strengthen our middle class means fighting for people whose voices too often go unheard: protecting women’s rights and the LGBTQ community, ensuring our veterans have access to the care they’ve earned, strengthening the Voting Rights Act, and addressing opioid addiction and homelessness in our communities.

“Both locally and nationally this has been a hard fought election season. Despite the bitter debates that unfolded this year we must now come together to work with each other, and to close the divide that has been created. There are challenges for sure, but the fight is well worth it.”