Washington Congressman backs bill banning orca captivity

Feb 3, 2017 Issues: Environment

Seattle PI: Washington congressman back bill banning orca captivity 

By Stephen Cohen 

Washington Rep. Rick Larsen is supporting legislation aimed at banning the capitivity of orcas. 

Larsen, 51, is cosponsoring the Ocra Responsibility and Care Advancement (ORCA) Act, which would "permanently end orca captivity across the United States and prohibit orca breeding, the while capture of ocras and the import or export of orcas for purposes of public display." 

"Orcas are an iconic and beloved part of Pacific Northwest culture," Larsen said in a press release. "Passing the ORCA Act will ensure future generation of orcas stay where they belong: in the wild, not in captivity." 

Larsen is the Democratic representative of Washington's 2nd District, which runs along the coast from Edmonds to Bellingham and includes the San Juan Islands as well as Whidbey, Camano and Fidalgo islands. He successfully fought to designate San Juan Islands National Monument in 2013.