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Larsen Pushes for Local Projects in Major Transportation Bill to Improve Public Safety, Ease Congestion, Create Jobs

This week, U.S. Rep. Rick Larsen (WA-02) asked the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee to provide federal funding for twenty-eight local priorities in the major, six-year surface transportation bill being written by the Committee this spring. Over the past year, Larsen, a Member of House Transportation Committee and the Highways and Transit Subcommittee, has met with local stakeholders and transportation leaders throughout the 2nd Congressional District to get their input on the surface transportation bill. Of the fifty-four local requests Larsen received for federal funding, he is working to fund twenty-eight.

“Our nation needs a strong investment in infrastructure to modernize our roads, bridges and transit, create jobs, and help get our economy moving again,” said Larsen. “From improving public safety on US 2, to strengthening our local ferry system, to improving freight mobility to help move goods efficiently and spur trade, the twenty-eight local projects I support will help build a foundation for economic growth.”

In 2005, when Congress last passed a major surface transportation bill (then called SAFETEA-LU), Larsen helped bring $52 million back to the 2nd Congressional District to improve public safety, ease congestion and create jobs. In reviewing community requests for earmarked funding this year, Larsen considered if the project is a valuable use of taxpayer funds, if it meets 2nd District needs and priorities, if it is prepared to use federal funding effectively, and if it can be funded in an earmarked account. 

“In the interest of transparency, I encourage my constituents to go online to to view my full list of requests to modernize local roads, bridges and transit and improve public safety,” said Larsen.

Larsen’s requests to the House Transportation Committee are listed below, organized by County.  This list complies with Committee rules to ensure public transparency. 

Island County

$3 million for SR 525/Honeymoon Bay Rd/Bush Point Rd. Intersection Improvements:  The project consists of designing and constructing a modern roundabout at the intersection of State Route 525, Honeymoon Bay Road and Bush Point Road on Whidbey Island. A roundabout would improve safety and mobility at this congested intersection.

$4.94 million for the New County Road, Whidbey Island:  This project would construct a new road to serve as an alternative north-south route to SR 525, the only roadway connecting this portion of central Whidbey Island.  This new road would ensure the safe, uninterrupted flow of people and freight through Whidbey Island.

$8.6 million for the Island Transit Whidbey Main Base Operations Facility Project:  This request would construct infrastructure and the maintenance building, the fuel building and the bus wash building for Island Transit’s new Whidbey Main Base Operations Facility.

San Juan County

$6.4 million for the Cattle Point Road Relocation Project:  This project would construct the relocation of Cattle Point Road on San Juan Island, which is currently located on a bluff that is rapidly eroding into the ocean 150 feet below.

Skagit County

$3 million Anacortes Multimodal Terminal Replacement:  This request would complete the design phase of the Anacortes Multimodal Terminal Replacement Project, a project to replace the aging Anacortes Ferry Terminal.

$800,000 for SR 20/Burlington Pedestrian and School Zone Safety Improvements:  The pedestrian mobility and safety project would construct sidewalks, add a signal, crossing improvements, and signs on SR20 near the Burlington-Edison Alternative and West View Elementary Schools.

$2.96 million for the City of Mount Vernon Downtown Riverwalk and Trail Project:  This request would construct a pedestrian trail along the Skagit River in downtown Mount Vernon.  This project is a critical part of Mount Vernon’s downtown revitalization project.

$902,476 for the Roosevelt Extension at Urban Avenue to Cameron Way:  This project would construct a new road to provide an alternative, parallel route to College Way, the City of Mount Vernon’s most congested roadway.

$5.92 million for the Anderson Laventure Extension Project:  This project would construct a new arterial roadway to connect Anderson Road at the Interstate 5 interchange to South Laventure, an existing north/south arterial in eastern Mount Vernon.

$2.114 million for the Jameson Arterial Extension to SR 9:  This project would construct a new roundabout intersection at SR 9 with direct connection to Jameson Street in Sedro Woolley, Washington.

$950,000 for the North Sound Connecting Communities Project:  This request would continue the NSCCP, so local jurisdictions can coordinate strategies and prioritize intercounty and intermodal transportation projects along the Interstate 5 corridor. Projects include passenger rail, intercounty transit, ferry improvements, bicycling and walking connectivity, and public and private cooperation in transit service.

Snohomish County

$7 million for US 2, Snohomish to Gold Bar, Safety Improvements:  This project would construct critical safety improvements on the dangerous US 2 highway, including a westbound overcrossing on-ramp at Bickford Avenue.  This location has experienced a significant number of collisions in the past five years.

$7 million for the Mukilteo Multimodal Terminal:  This request would complete the planning, environmental, and preliminary engineering phase of the relocated Mukilteo Multimodal Terminal, a major ferry terminal in my district. 

$3.96 million for Sound Transit Clean Fuel Bus Procurement:  This project would procure up to five clean fueled, commuter buses required to support service expansion on Sound Transit’s regional commuter bus routes linking designated regional centers in Snohomish & King counties.

$5.5 million for Community Transit Bus Replacement Hybrid Conversion:  This request would provide funds necessary to purchase 10 hybrid buses for Community Transit’s bus replacement project.

$3.36 million for 41st St. to West Marine View Drive Freight Corridor Improvements:  This project would improve the City of Everett’s 41st Street to West Marine View Drive freight corridor, which is critical to moving freight to and from the Port of Everett.

$2 million for Everett Transit Replacement Coaches:  Funding will allow Everett Transit to acquire four new hybrid coaches to replace older diesel-powered coaches that will have operated over 500,000 miles each and will have reached the end of their service life.

$2 million for Centennial Trail Expansion:  This project would construct 1.8 additional miles of paved, grade separated, multi-purpose non-motorized transportation and recreational trail.  This project will extend the existing Centennial Trail from its current terminus at 152nd NE on 67th NE and will complete the 19.3 mile trail link between the City of Snohomish and the City of Arlington.

$2 million for State Avenue Corridor Improvements:  This project would widen State Avenue in Marysville between 116th Street and 136th Street to a five-lane arterial street section, complete with curb, gutter, sidewalks, and two-way left turn lane.

$585,000 US 2 Pedestrian Safety Sidewalk:  This project would provide a safe walkway and bicycle route to connect a residential area of Gold Bar to the city center.

$1.22 million for US 2 and Sultan Basin Road Realignment:  This request would complete the Sultan Basin Road Realignment to US 2, including curbs, gutters, sidewalks, storm drainage and treatment, addition of traffic control signals, lighting, and left turn lanes on US 2.

$444,940 for Main Street/Old Owen Road/US 2 Intersection Improvements:  This project would provide a dedicated eastbound right turn lane on Main Street at US 2 to improve safety.

$3.36 million for I-5/116th Street NE Interchange Improvements:  This request would provide for design, permits and construction bid documents for constructing a new bridge deck for the 116th Street NE Interchange.

Whatcom County

$4.4 million for the Whatcom Transportation Authority Fleet Replacement Project:  This request would replace WTA's 13 fully depreciated buses with new, biodiesel compatible buses.

$3.8 million for Intercity Passenger Rail Service Improvements, Blaine-Swift:  This freight mobility and intercity passenger rail project would increase rail line capacity in the Swift Customs Facility vicinity by constructing new main track and providing additional siding track.

$1.44 million for the International Mobility and Trade Corridor Project:  This project would continue international coordination of transportation planning, programming, and border operation with Canada regarding the four border-crossings connecting Whatcom County, WA and British Columbia, Canada.

$8 million for the Cornwall Bridge Replacement Project:  This project will reconstruct the Cornwall Avenue bridge in order to accommodate the relocation of the Burlington Northern Santa Fe rail mainline track which presently passes through Bellingham’s Waterfront District.  This project is critical to the City and Port of Bellingham’s Waterfront Redevelopment Project.

$6.9512 million for the Lincoln Creek Transportation Center:  This project would construct an inter-jurisdictional transportation center along the I-5 corridor serving Whatcom and Skagit Counties to include pedestrian walkways, right of way improvements, bus shelter, and revised transit access.