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Northwest Washington Residents to Larsen: Find a Fiscal Cliff Solution, Stop Middle Class Tax Hike

Residents of Northwest Washington are urging Rep. Rick Larsen, WA-02, to support a balanced deal to avert the fiscal cliff and make sure that middle class tax cuts do not expire.

Larsen’s op-ed on how to avert the fiscal cliff was published in the Bellingham Herald and Everett Herald on Sunday. Larsen said the fiscal cliff would bring severe pain to Northwest Washington and argued that it must be replaced with a balanced approach.

“I favor a bold and balanced plan--but there must be a plan,” Larsen wrote. “The spending cuts and tax hikes that come with the fiscal cliff are reckless and would undermine our already-fragile economic growth.”

“There are no sacred cows,” he added. “Both Democrats and Republicans must commit to a balanced approach that will cut the deficit in a meaningful way without undermining economic growth. There is no doubt that we are going to feel pain in the next few years. But if we do this right, a decade from now we will be a stronger country for the work we do today.”

Without action, tax rates for all Americans are scheduled to increase at the start of 2013. Larsen supports making the middle class tax cuts permanent, which saves the average household $2,200 a year.

Larsen’s constituents have written him hundreds of letters and have been using social media to tell him what that tax cut means to them, and giving him their thoughts on what to do about the fiscal cliff:

  • Annette from Sedro-Woolley: “That $2K will go into my retirement fund or to support the local economy.”
  • Patrick from Langley: “2K is my yearly electrical bill.”
  • Jake from Marysville: “That would be $2K less going to my own personal debt, which would mean I would need to cut back on any spending I do at any businesses.”
  • Linda from Point Roberts: “University tuition, extracurricular High School activities, gas, food, lights, heat, Christmas, rent.... It means a LOT!”
  • David from Granite Falls: “We’d further invest in our small business!”
  • Bill from Marysville: “Pay down some personal debt.”
  • Nancy from Langley: “First we must as a country put policies in place to even the playing field … Any support for the middle class is a step in the right direction. I support President Obama's effort to deal with the economy in a balanced way including holding firm on the goal of increasing taxes on the wealthy.”
  • Suzanne from La Conner: “I will use the $2K to help pay for my long term care insurance.”
  • Cathy from Eastsound: “I would use the extra money to help my daughter pay for exorbitant state college tuition and expenses.”
  • TC from Bellingham: “#My2K means co pays 4 meds testing and treatments 4 #RheumatoidArthritis and #asthma”
  • Trevor from Everett: “I don't care what you have to do to avoid this cliff. Do it! Higher taxes will bankrupt me.”

Larsen is encouraging his constituents to let him know what the fiscal cliff means to them. People can make their voices heard at Facebook on Twitter (@RepRickLarsen) or by e-mail.