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Larsen: Machinists Should Be Allowed to Vote on Latest Offer from Boeing

Rep. Rick Larsen, WA-02, issued the following statement following the breakdown in negotiations between Boeing and IAM 751.

“I was highly encouraged when Boeing and the Machinists restarted talks this week, and I am deeply disappointed that they appear to have fallen apart.

“I have spent a lot of time speaking with, and listening to Boeing and Machinists leaders and members. I know that members want Boeing to stay in the Puget Sound and I know they want to protect their hard-fought benefits and wages. As someone who grew up in a labor household in Snohomish County, I understand and respect the difficult choice the Machinists must make.

“It is my assessment that Boeing needs to control its costs so it can continue to lead in an increasingly competitive environment. I think that future production at the Everett factory is imperiled without a labor agreement. If Boeing moves production of the 777X away from Everett, the future of all large-scale aerospace manufacturing in Washington state would be in doubt.

“To date, I have avoided telling Machinists how and when they should vote, so I hope I have the credibility to make this statement: the time to vote is now.

“I urge IAM 751 leaders to let their members vote on the contract offer from Boeing.”