Larsen: 56th ACA Repeal Vote, Like Dozens Before It, Fails to Create Jobs, Opportunity for Middle Class

Feb 3, 2015 Issues: Health Care

WASHINGTON—As Republicans today held the 56th vote to repeal or undermine the Affordable Care Act, Rep. Rick Larsen, WA-02, underscored again the success of the law in Northwest Washington and called on Republicans to put their energy toward bills that help the middle class by creating jobs and investing in a stronger economy.

“Millions of hardworking families across the country have access to affordable health coverage as a result of the Affordable Care Act, yet Republicans are voting for the 56th time to undercut the middle class and take this coverage away.

“I have heard from people in Northwest Washington who are grateful that they now have options for their health care coverage. Take Susan from Lopez Island. Because of the Affordable Care Act, Susan and her husband were able to find coverage that afforded them better health care than they had before.

“Washington state is a nationwide leader in expanding people’s access to health care, and our state experienced the fourth biggest drop in the nation in our uninsured rate last year. Thousands of people in the Second District can more easily access preventive care like wellness visits and cancer screenings, including about 102,000 seniors on Medicare. And people in our region, including up to 36,000 children, no longer have to worry about getting denied coverage because of preexisting medical conditions.

“Republicans’ 56th vote today to repeal the Affordable Care Act is at best a political stunt. But at worst, it stops progress for the middle class by wasting time and money, and by failing to create jobs and opportunity – just like the 12th and 37th and 49th and dozens of other votes to undermine this law that is working.

“I am working to make progress for the middle class by reinvesting in our country’s roads, bridges, highways and transit systems and breaking down barriers so people can participate in our economy and our democracy. I hope Republicans will stop blocking progress and start working to help families, communities, and our economy,” Larsen said.