Larsen Applauds Largest VA Funding Increase in 77 Years</A

Jun 15, 2007

Washington, D.C. - U.S. Representative Rick Larsen (WA-02) today applauded House passage of the Military Construction and Veterans Affairs Appropriations bill for 2008 (H.R. 2642) which provides the largest single increase in the VA budget in the 77-year history of the Veterans Administration. The bill honors veterans and their families by increasing the VA budget by $6.7 billion above Fiscal Year 2007 funding, $3.8 billion above the President's request for Fiscal Year 2008. It also increases the VA's maintenance and repair budget to prevent the conditions uncovered at Walter Reed and other medical facilities from occurring in the VA system. Larsen released the following statement on today’s vote:

“We can’t take a ‘nickel-and-dime’ approach to veterans’ care. This bill gives the VA resources they need to continue providing essential services to veterans across the country, including many of the 75,000 veterans who call Northwest Washington home. One of my top goals in Congress is to bring veterans’ health care and services closer to veterans, and this legislation is a big step in the right direction.”