Larsen: Boeing Job Cuts Send Workers On Roller Coaster Ride Of Uncertainty

Apr 4, 2016 Issues: Jobs Labor and the Economy

WASHINGTON, D.C.—Rep. Rick Larsen, WA-02, released the following statement today about the announcement from Boeing that it will cut 4,000 jobs from its commercial division in the next few months.

“I share workers’ deep disappointment and frustration at Boeing’s latest plans to cut thousands of jobs in just the next few months. The Puget Sound is home to the best aerospace workforce in the world, and Boeing should not take this fact for granted.

“Cutting 4,000-plus jobs sends mixed messages about Boeing’s plans for the future in Washington state, and it sends workers and their families on a roller coaster ride of uncertainty.

“Workers and many others in our state have taken decisive action to ensure a strong future for Boeing and aerospace manufacturing in our region.  To see Boeing respond to Washington state’s clear commitment with thousands of job cuts is deeply troubling. Boeing should offer assurances to workers and taxpayers about its intentions for Washington state moving forward, especially as these latest cuts seem to hold harmless its commercial operations in South Carolina,” Larsen said.