Larsen: Congress Must Answer President Obama’s Call for Action on Jobs Immediately

Feb 12, 2013 Issues: Education, Jobs Labor and the Economy

WASHINGTON—Rep. Rick Larsen, WA-02, tonight commended President Obama’s focus on jobs and economic growth in his State of the Union Address and called for Congress to turn immediately to a jobs agenda.

“My top priority is to invest in the foundation of long-term economic growth that creates jobs and opportunity in the Pacific Northwest,” Larsen said. “Tonight the President laid out a clear vision for economic growth that starts with creating more jobs today and building the platform for greater economic growth in the future.

“Congress has been standing in the way for way too long. We were elected to work together to fix the economy and find a real solution to our fiscal problem. The political games of sequesters and fiscal cliffs wreak havoc on the economy, and the middle class suffers the consequences. I am committed to working with Republicans and Democrats in the center to find a big and bold plan that slashes our deficit and preserves vital job-creating investments.

“In Northwest Washington we know what it takes to make it in America. Workers at our manufacturers make the best products that we sell all around the world. Our young people are making it in America when they have the opportunity to go to college. And immigrants from all over come to make it in Washington state, helping grow our economy and making better lives for their families.

“Economic growth depends in part on fixing our broken immigration system. President Obama laid out a balanced plan for comprehensive immigration reform that will secure our borders while treating immigrants fairly and with respect. Immigration reform must include the DREAM Act so that the children of undocumented immigrants I have met throughout Northwest Washington are able to become citizens of the only country they know as home.

“I’m ready to get to work.”