Larsen Hails Agreement Securing Hundreds of Whatcom County Jobs in Long-Sought Contract Extension for Alcoa Intalco Works

Oct 9, 2012 Issues: Energy, Jobs Labor and the Economy

WASHINGTON—Rep. Rick Larsen, WA-02, today hailed an agreement that will secure more than 600 jobs at Alcoa Intalco Works in Whatcom County. Larsen has worked closely for over a decade with negotiators between Bonneville Power Administration (BPA) and Alcoa to secure the new 10-year power agreement for the Ferndale plant.

“A decade’s worth of work has turned into another decade of job security for workers at Intalco and economic growth for Whatcom County,” Larsen said.

“I have been working to keep Intalco running for 12 years because I know how important this facility is for the 625 employees, their families and all of Whatcom County.

“Throughout the negotiations, I have urged the parties to stay at the table and do what was needed to reach a fair agreement. I thank BPA, Alcoa and the Machinists for working in good faith through all the ups and downs.

“A 10-year agreement will allow Alcoa to make significant capital investments in its facilities to increase the efficiency of its already strong operation. It provides job security and ensures that Intalco will remain a cornerstone of Northwest Washington’s manufacturing economy.

“This is a victory that all of Whatcom County shares in.”