Larsen: Republicans’ Plan B is a Head-First Dive Over the Fiscal Cliff

Dec 20, 2012 Issues: Budget

WASHINGTON—Rep. Rick Larsen, WA-02, issued the following about Speaker John Boehner’s ‘Plan B’ proposal which would extend tax rates for those making less than $1 million a year while not addressing the debt ceiling, spending cuts or extending middle class tax credits.

“Rather than stay at the negotiating table, the Republicans are showing today that they want to dive head-first over the fiscal cliff into a chasm of fiscal irresponsibility,” Larsen said. “The Republicans’ ‘Plan B’ is nothing more than a political stunt. It has no chance of passing the Senate and would be vetoed by the President. Republicans have decided to waste this time that could have been used working toward a balanced plan that would have solved this crisis.

“This proposal is not balanced, does not do enough to cut the deficit, and would raise taxes on millions of middle class Americans. The President has laid out a serious proposal with significant compromises to the Republican position. It is time for Speaker Boehner to return to the negotiating table and find a solution that cuts the deficits and protects middle class Americans from massive tax hikes.”