Submit an Appropriations Request to Rep. Larsen for Fiscal Year 2025

If you have a questions about an appropriation request, please contact Rep. Larsen's Washington, D.C. office at 202-225-2605.

Article I of the Constitution gives Congress the power to pass laws that spend money from the federal treasury. Congress approves federal spending through annual bills known as appropriations. Hearing directly from constituents about your priorities for federal spending is essential to Rep. Larsen’s work as Congress crafts spending bills for 2025.

Please complete the below form by Monday, March 25, 2024, to request that Rep. Larsen make an ask of the Appropriations Committee.

Note: This form is based on guidance the Appropriations Committee provided to Members of Congress in previous years. Required information and deadlines are subject to change when this guidance is updated for Fiscal Year 2025.

Distinguishing types of requests:

  • Program Request: a request to fund a specific program in our bill at a specified level

          Example: Provide $xxx for the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program.

  • Language Request: a request to include specific bill or report language that does not direct funding to a particular entity but encourages, urges, or directs some type of action by an agency.

          Example: The Committee encourages the National Cancer Institute to support research to develop diagnostic tests for early detection.

      Often, another Member will be leading a letter to the Appropriations Committee on this request.

           Example: Sign Rep. Doe letter in support of full funding for ABCD grants at the Department of Justice.

Rep. Larsen will not submit all requests. Priority will be given to constituents. Please submit multiple forms if you have multiple requests.

Community Project Funding Requests

  • Community Project Funding Request: a funding request for a specific non‐governmental entity to carry out a specific project.

          Example: Provide $500,000 for a substance abuse treatment program in Washington state.

In 2021, the House Appropriations Committee announced a new Community Project Funding initiative to allow Members of Congress to target federal funds towards projects that address the most significant needs facing the communities they represent. This process requires additional transparency measures and includes significant limitations.

Only state, local, and tribal governments; publicly owned entities (e.g. ports, universities, PUDs, etc.); and certain non-profit entities with a quasi-government purpose (e.g. Special Districts) were eligible to request Community Project Funding.

To submit a separate Community Project Funding request, first review the resources document and then submit a request to Rep. Larsen via the web form prior to Monday, March 25, 2024. The resources page and web form are based on FY 2024 program parameters and are subject to change. The deadline for submissions is also subject to change.