Part of Larsen Bill to Aid Women Veterans Put in Place by Veterans Administration

Apr 23, 2013 Issues: Health Care, Veterans

WASHINGTON—The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) today announced it will establish a hotline for women veterans, mirroring a provision in a bill introduced by Rep. Rick Larsen, WA-02. The hotline (1-855-VA-WOMEN) will provide information on health care and benefits specifically tailored to women veterans.

“With more women serving on the front lines in our armed forces, it has never been more important that the Department of Veterans Affairs is able to respond to women’s health care needs,” Larsen said. “I am pleased the VA has established this hotline as I recommended in my legislation.”

Last month Larsen reintroduced the Women Veterans and Other Health Care Improvements Act, which included a provision to establish such a hotline. Sen. Patty Murray introduced the companion Senate legislation.

“This hotline is one part of my plan to expand services specifically to women veterans. I am working to pass this bill so disabled veterans can receive fertility and adoption support and veterans receiving readjustment care can get childcare assistance.”

A summary of Larsen’s bill is available here.

The hotline will be a resource for women veterans and their families to get more information about the VA’s services and resources available to women veterans. Trained VA employees will be able to provide women veterans with information about benefits available to them. For more information, see the VA’s announcement.